You know the drill. You’re developing an app for a client and you need to test every APIs and every APIs response in every method, on every requests.

How about making a tool where you can test your APIs from your browser itself without switching between apps as you work? That would be neat, huh!

How it all began

The initial tweet about the idea got 200+ likes and 50+ retweets so people were definitely interested in this kind of tool.
I literally launched Postwoman on a article and wrote about it on Hacker News, HackerNoon, Medium, HashNode, Reddit, Twitter etc.
  • > I saw a guy writing JavaScript today.
  • > No frameworks.
  • > No libraries.
  • > No problems.
  • > He just did it.
  • > Writing JavaScript.
  • > Like a Psychopath.

I was that guy.

I had some problems with CORS in deployment, but I found a quick workaround. I used Vue.js and apparently migrated to Nuxt.js.

At that point I started thinking that the tool can actually be published as a standalone web app, and the WebSocket testing feature can just be an addition. So I shifted my goal and starting working towards that.

I added few themes, polished up the UI a bit, struggled for 30 mins to come up with a name and….. drumroll Postwoman it is. I setup a GitHub repo for people who were interested to contribute.

I actually wrapped up work at 4:30 AM because I just couldn’t go to sleep without finishing that one thing 😅


  • 💚 Open Sourced
  • 🔥 Runs online
  • 🚀 Multi-platform & multi-device support
  • 📱 Progressive Web App
  • 🔌 WebSocket testing
  • 🌈 Customizations
  • ⏰ History
  • 📁 Collections
  • 🌐 Proxy
  • 📜 Pre-Request Scripts & environment variables β
  • 🐳 Docker
  • Full features

Apart from the project development, there were other goodies happened since v0.1.0:

I was solving my own problem with the hope that I’ll also gonna solve other people’s problems. The most important thing about is that in the end, you get a lot of amazing and positive feedback, which is basically the only thing that drives you to do better and more awesome work! 🎉

If you think Postwoman is worthy of existing as a free, fast alternative to Postman, please consider giving us a confidence boost! Star the repo on GitHub, Tweet, share among your friends, teams and contacts!


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